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Hospitality Finance

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Profit Planning 3/e EXTENDED EDITION 75579 visits

for hospitality and tourism

Peter Harris

ISBN: 978-1-908999-60-3 hbk; 978-1-908999-61-0 pbk

A complete guide to using key managerial accounting techniques for planning, controlling and improving profitability at the business property level - the “cutting-edge” of routine decision making.

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Accounting in Context for Non-Specialists 10695 visits

Mark Fisher, Makailla McConnell, Mark Walsh

ISBN: 9781911635680 PBK; 9781911635697 eBook

Focuses on accounting concepts and techniques explaining them in a clearly with minimum jargon.

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Essential Financial Techniques for Hospitality Managers 2edn 46352 visits

A practical approach

Cathy Burgess

ISBN: 978-1-908999-97-9 pbk; 978-1-908999-98-6 eBook

Second edition of this a user friendly and hands-on introduction to finance and accounting in the hospitality industry. This fully revised and updated edition is a must-have text for all students and practitioners, enabling them to put their learning into practice to achieve immediate results.

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Strategic Managerial Accounting: Hospitality, Tourism & Events Applications 6th edn 71586 visits

Tracy Jones, Helen Atkinson, Angela Lorenz with Peter Harris

ISBN: 978-1-908999-00-9 HBK; 978-1-908999-01-6 PBK

Formerly known as Managerial Accounting in the Hospitality Industry by Harris and Hazzard, this new edition builds on this successful and well known text.

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Revenue Management for Hospitality & Tourism 76897 visits

Patrick Legohérel, Elisabeth Poutier, Alan Fyall

ISBN: 978-1-908999-48-1 HBK; 978-1-908999-49-8 PBK

Written by leading academic and industry experts actively engaged in revenue management, research and teaching, this is a new and original treatment of the whole field for students and professionals.

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The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business 2/e 40885 visits

Paul Slattery

ISBN: Hbk 978-1-906884-66-6 Pbk 978-1-906884-67-3

As featured in the The Times: "First in line: the hotel industry. The recession has changed the rules for a business that may be heading for consolidation"

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Essential Financial Techniques for Hospitality Managers 73544 visits

A practical approach

Cathy Burgess

ISBN: 978-1906884-16-1

A user friendly and hands-on introduction to finance and accounting in the hospitality industry. A fully revised and updated second edition of the bestselling Guide to MoneyMatters for Hospitality Managers, it is a must-have companion for all managers

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Management Accounting for the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Industries 3rd edition 21074 visits

A Strategic Approach

Debra Adams

ISBN: 9781911396703 HBK; 9781911396710 PBK; 9781911396727 eBook

An up-to-date and relevant reference guide to accounting for decision making in the hospitality, tourism and leisure industries. Its’ user-friendly and easy to follow style is based on the author’s extensive first-hand experience of working with and delivering training in the sector.

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Research Methods for Accounting and Finance 32098 visits

Audrey Paterson, David Leung, William Jackson, Robert MacIntosh, Kevin D O'Gorman

ISBN: 978-1-910158-88-3 HBK; 978-1-910158-89-0 PBK; 978-1-910158-90-6 eBook

"This book is very accessible due to its broad perspective and practical approach. ...a clear overview of the sequence of steps that need to be taken in order to complete a dissertation project." International Journal of Accounting 52 (2017) 297–298 Research Methods for Accounting and Finance is an essential text for accounting and finance students undertaking research for the first time.

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