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Geotourism: the tourism of geology and landscape

DOI: 10.23912/978-1-906884-09-3-21

ISBN: 978-1-906884-09-3

Published: April 2010

Component type: book



A compilation of first class international research which explores the nexus between landscape, geological phenomena and tourism. Covering landscape appreciation, geoheritage, management, interpretation, education and the future of geotourism, it sets the

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  • David Newsome, Murdoch University (Editor)
  • Ross K. Dowling, Edith Cowan University (Editor)

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Newsome & Dowling, 2010

Newsome, D. & Dowling, R.K. (2010) Geotourism: the tourism of geology and landscape. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers http://dx.doi.org/10.23912/978-1-906884-09-3-21


Chapter 1 Setting an agenda for geotourism (Newsome & Dowling)

Chapter 2 The significance of aesthetic landscape appreciation to modern geotourism provision (Hose)

Chapter 3 Australias geological heritage a national inventory for future geoparks and geotourism (Joyce)

Chapter 4 Centralized data management approaches in geotourism a view from Finland (Brozinski)

Chapter 5 Promoting geotourism a case study from Northeast Iceland (Hull)

Chapter 6 The Australian Alps opportunities and challenges for geotourism (Scherrer & Pickering)

Chapter 7 Reconsidering the boundaries and applications of Geotourism lessons learnt from tourism at Mount Vesuvius (Karkut)

Chapter 8 Management of geotourism stakeholders experiences from the Network History of the Earth (Pforr & Megerle)

Chapter 9 Geotourism in the Hawaiian Islands (King)

Chapter 10 The Cretaceous fossil sites of South Korea identifying geosites, science and geotourism (Paik, Huh, Kim, Kim & Newsome)

Chapter 11 Geotourism and geotourist education in Poland (Slomka & Mayer)

Chapter 12 Geotourism product interpretation Rangitoto Island, Auckland, New Zealand (Wittlich & Palmer)

Chapter 13 Geotourism potential in North Carolina perspectives from interpretation at state parks (Supak, Leung & Stewart)

Chapter 14 Interpretation rocks Designing signs for geotourism sites (Hughes & Ballantyne)

Chapter 15 The Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site understanding the nature of geotourism (King, Ford & Edmonds)

Chapter 16 USA scenic byways connecting people to places (Walden & Pearce)

Chapter 17 The UNESCO global network of national geoparks (Keever, Zouros, Patzak & Weber)

Chapter 18 The future of geotourism where to from here (Newsome & Dowling)


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