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Chapter 3 Understanding the Consumer

DOI: 10.23912/978-1-910158-39-5-2745

ISBN: 978-1-910158-39-5

Published: September 2015

Component type: chapter

Published in: Winter Sport Tourism

Parent DOI: 10.23912/978-1-910158-39-5-2687



As a recent White Paper on skiers stated, “adults who take ski trips, quite simply, are a distinct and special bunch” (PhocusWright, 2013, p.8). The report found that, in the U.S., a higher proportion of ski travelers are male, younger and more affluent, compared to the general traveler population. Downhill skiing is the most common form of the sport, but many skiers participate in more than one type of skiing. Figure 3.1 shows participation rates for a five-year period in six winter sports activities. According to PhocusWright, downhill skiers make up about 58 per cent of participants on the slopes and snowboarders 25 per cent (the remainder both ski and snowboard). Whereas general U.S. travelers are evenly split between male and female – with women frequently taking a lead in travel planning and therefore attracting considerable attention from travel marketers – this is not the case with skiers and boarders. About two thirds of them are male, under 45, and, perhaps of most importance to travel marketers, high earners.

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  • Dr. Simon Hudson, University of South Carolina (Author)
  • Louise Hudson, Freelance researcher, and writer (Author)

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  • Dr. Simon Hudson, University of South Carolina (Author)
  • Louise Hudson, Freelance researcher, and writer (Author)

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Hudson & Hudson, 2015

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