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Welcome to our website. We are rapidly building our portfolio of new book and online products which will begin to feature on the site over the coming months.

In the meantime, if you wish to register, please do so using the 'create an account' button above. Please email us if you have projects, comments or suggestions you would like to discuss.

At Goodfellow Publishers we are committed to high quality international publishing across the business and media spectrum. Our core skills lie in understanding the shaping, positioning, packaging and marketing of high quality information products for the academic and professional sectors.

Innovative and flexible methods of getting material published. Our multi-channel approach means that we range from high quality hard copy, to online and e-book capability.

Flexible use of latest available technologies to reach the market. This powerful new web site and our print on demand capability means that we are able to provide customers with material however they want and fits best with their needs. See more detail by clicking on the 'Hard Copy Materials' and 'eBooks and Downloads' buttons above.

Teamwork. When you work with us, we use our extensive international publishing expertise to assist at a practical publishing level, and to advise on product development. We are able to call on a wide range of external expertise to help shape and form products at all stages.

Our wide knowledge of the academic and executive learning sectors means that we aim to achieve high growth and high market penetration for our products. We will ensure that that the quality of our publishing, marketing and delivery worldwide is second to none.

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