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Tourism Research: a 20:20 vision

Douglas Pearce, Richard Butler Professor Douglas Pearce and Professor Richard Butler

ISBN: 978-1-906884-10-9

This book provides a comprehensive resource on tourism research.. (and is)...is recommended to researchers, graduate students, and academicians studying any aspect of tourism. In comparison to other books on this topic, Tourism Research: A 20:20 Vision, offers a truly diverse collection of chapters on the perspectives, advances, and emerging themes of tourism research. Annals of Tourism Research (2011)''

This book, derived from the 20th Anniversary meeting of the Academy for the Study of Tourism, took longer than normal to read – because, within its genre, it is so good. Each chapter draws in the reader and as a coherent whole the book offers both range and depth. The back cover is thoroughly accurate in its promise to deliver ‘reflective, challenging and sometimes provocative papers.’ The reflection comes from the overview that each chapter provides on past, present and future research. The challenge and provocation comes from well constructed arguments that encourage thinking – and at best can leave you re-considering well worn orthodoxies or planning new research interests. Tourism Management (2010)

Tourism Research: a 20:20 vision examines how research agendas have evolved and might develop in coming years, consider conceptual and methodological advances, discuss obstacles that have been encountered and suggest ways forward. Its underpinning objective is to better understand how and why tourism research advances, or why it does not, and to provide a clearer sense of direction for researchers in this field. In this edited collection of reflective, challenging and sometimes provocative papers, derived from the 20th Anniversary meeting of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, leading international tourism scholars from a range of disciplines, analyse what progress has been made in tourism research in the last two decades and where research might go in the future.

These insights from acknowledged international experts in their field are invaluable to the current generation as well as new and emerging tourism researchers who will benefit from a greater understanding of how the field of tourism studies has evolved, what factors have shaped its development and how it might develop in the future.

The collection begins with a series of stimulating broader perspectives on progress in tourism research. The next two sections focus on advances in research on tourism development and the business of tourism and on the path tourism research has taken in particular parts of the world which have experienced a significant growth in tourism in recent years. The final section considers more recent and emerging themes in tourism research and discusses how research on new topics arises and might proceed. In the concluding chapter, the editors identify lessons learnt and suggest ways forward.

Contents: Ch. 1 Introduction - looking back, moving forward, Ch. 2 The real scissors crisis in tourism research, Ch. 3 A typology of theory in tourism, Ch. 4 Tourism and development: looking back and looking ahead – more of the same?, Ch. 5 Carrying capacity in tourism - paradox and hypocrisy, Ch. 6 Measuring and interpreting the economic impact of tourism: 20-20 hindsight and foresight, Ch. 7 Tourism SMEs: changing research agendas and missed opportunities, Ch. 8 Tourism distribution: a review and strategic research agenda, Ch. 9 Tourism supply chain forecasting: a collaborative approach, Ch. 10 Understanding the value of tourism: a conceptual divergence, Ch. 11 Tourism research in Latin America: past and future challenges, Ch. 12 Tourism and hospitality research in Mainland China trends from 2000 to 2008, Ch. 13 A 20-20 vision of tourism research in Bali: towards reflexive tourism studies, Ch. 14 Charting a journey: from refugee to tourism employee and tourism entrepreneur, Ch. 15 The tourism destiny of World Heritage cultural sites, Ch. 16 Tourism research ethics: current considerations and future options, Ch. 17 Knowledge management in tourism: from databases to learning destinations, Ch. 18 Conclusions: trends and advances in tourism research

About the editors:

Professor Douglas Pearce is Professor Tourism Management, Victoria Management School, New Zealand. He has more than thirty years teaching, research and consulting experience in many aspects of tourism. Most recently his work has had a New Zealand focus, notably as leader of the FRST-funded project on tourism distribution channels. Other research interests and consultancy work have frequently taken him to Europe, the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. He is a fellow and former vice-president of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism and serves on the editorial boards of a number of tourism journals, including the Annals of Tourism Research.

Professor Richard Butler is Professor in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management of University of Strathclyde. He has published widely in tourism journals, and produced eleven books on tourism and many chapters in other books. His main fields of interest are the development process of tourist destinations and the subsequent impacts of tourism, issues of carrying capacity and sustainability, and tourism in remote areas and islands and he is a former president of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism. He is currently editor Emeritus of 'The Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research'.

Pub Date: March 2010

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