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When Will My Order Arrive? UK: 5- 7 days EU Surface: 2-3 weeks EU Air: 1-2 weeks Non EU Surface: 2-3 weeks Non EU Air: 1-2 weeks Middle East/Africa/Japan Surface: 4- 6 weeks Middle East/Africa/Japan Air: 2- 3 weeks These periods do not allow for any customs clearance difficulties that may arise (Non EU countries only) that are beyond our control.

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All purchasers of Goodfellow Publishers books get their content online as well as printed.

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How do I submit a proposal? Simply by downloading our proposal form and completing it with as much information as possible. What key information is necessary? Whilst the proposal form asks precise questions, the following are the main areas which require the most detail in order for us to have a clear idea of your proposed product.

Welcome to our website. We are rapidly building our portfolio of new book and online products which will begin to feature on the site over the coming months. 30199 visits

In the meantime, if you wish to register, please do so using the 'create an account' button above. Please email us if you have projects, comments or suggestions you would like to discuss.

At Goodfellow Publishers we are committed to high quality international publishing across the business and media spectrum. Our core skills lie in understanding the shaping, positioning, packaging and marketing of high quality information products for the

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Frequently asked questions, help and technical stuff

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Immediate information in whatever format you want it

All of our published product is made available as PDFs, both as a whole eBooks and as chapters.

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One of our key values is that of innovation and to use all available technologies to maximum effect.

One of our key values is that of innovation and to use all available technologies to maximum effect.

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