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Cases For Event Management and Event Tourism

DOI: 10.23912/978-1-915097-34-7-5386

ISBN: 978-1-915097-34-7

Published: April 2023

Component type: book



A must have collection for all those studying and teaching event management and event tourism.


Cite as

Ziakas & Getz, 2023

Ziakas, V. & Getz, D. (2023) Cases For Event Management and Event Tourism. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers http://dx.doi.org/10.23912/978-1-915097-34-7-5386


Chapter 1 Creating a new event in a time of crisis (McConnell & Getz)

Chapter 2 Event risk management and online events practices, an example of a student organised event amid the Covid 19 pandemic (Xu & Tan)

Chapter 3 Designing the virtual and hybrid event experience (Brown & Drakeley)

Chapter 4 UWaterloo Canada Day, a case in risk management and stakeholder engagement (McManus)

Chapter 5 Practising health and safety in student delivered events (Wyatt, Rossetti & McBlane)

Chapter 6 Roskilde Festival and transgressive behaviour, an emerging safety concern for event organisers (Christensen & Vendelø)

Chapter 7 ‘Invisible’ impacts and hybrid spaces of nature based events, the case of a trail running marathon Fjällmaraton in Sweden (Margaryan & Eriksson)

Chapter 8 Sustainability and sustainable event management (Mackay, Julien & Hirst)

Chapter 9 Leadership styles in event management, a critical reflection case study (Leigh, Lamont & Cairncross)

Chapter 10 Formal and informal knowledge sharing rituals Queensland Music Festival (Stadler)

Chapter 11 Social impacts of community events, the Clunes Book Festival, Australia (Mair)

Chapter 12 Securing MICE Tourism through DMO Collaboration (Delaney)

Chapter 13 The Glamour of China Carnival Event financial management and sponsorship (Xu)

Chapter 14 Bear Grylls in Belfast Integrating digital fieldwork in the international event management fieldtrip to post conflict post Covid Belfast (Skinner)

Chapter 15 A case study approach to forge the sustainable event manager in the era of technology and sustainable innovation (Salama & Almomani)


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