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Tourism & Political Change 2nd edition

DOI: 10.23912/9781910158814-3160

ISBN: 9781910158814

Published: March 2017

Component type: book


Tourism is a vital tool for political and economic change. Calls for boycotts by tourists of countries reflect the huge impact that tourist activity and the tourism industry has on political change.

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Butler & Suntikul, 2017

Butler, R. & Suntikul, W. (2017) Tourism & Political Change 2nd edition. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers http://dx.doi.org/10.23912/9781910158814-3160


Chapter 1 Introduction (Suntikul & Butler)

Chapter 2 Neoliberal Politics and the Fate of Tourism (Simmons)

Chapter 3 Regional Tourism Development within the East African Community (Nibigira, Sabuhoro & Kitheka)

Chapter 4 China: Government Policy and Tourism Development (Sofield)

Chapter 5 Political Changes and Tourism in the ‘Other Chinas’ (Suntikul)

Chapter 6 Towards Decolonization, Indigenizing Resort Governance in Canada (Williams & Gill)

Chapter 7 Political Change and Tourism in Scotland, Nationalism, devolution and autonomy (MacLellan)

Chapter 8 History and Politics of Tourism in Timor Leste (Tolkach)

Chapter 9 Myanmar: Opening for Tourism (Suntikul & Rogers)

Chapter 10 The Politics of Tourism in Cuba (Hinch & Acharya)

Chapter 11 Tourism and Political Change in Ireland, North and South, Identity, modernity, contrast and moving toward convergence (Boyd)

Chapter 12 Greek Tourism, Economic Crisis and Political Turmoil, Between Scylla and Charybdis (Papatheodorou & Pappas)

Chapter 13 The Return of the ‘Idea of Iran’ (2005 2015) (Mozaffari, Karimian & Mousavi)

Chapter 14 Tourism on the Fringe of Politics Brazil (Aldrigui)

Chapter 15 Egypt’s Tourism Industry and the Arab Spring (Tomazos)

Chapter 16 Conclusions (Butler & Suntikul)


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