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Chapter 4 The new wave of leadership studies

DOI: 10.23912/9781911635253-4872

ISBN: 9781911635253

Published: May 2021

Component type: chapter

Published in: Event Leadership

Parent DOI: 10.23912/9781911635253-4274



In their comprehensive review of leadership research, Dionne et al. (2014) identify 29 different thematic categories of leadership theories, developed over 100 years; 17 are ‘classic’ leadership categories, and 12 are classified as emerging. Dinh et al. (2014) note seven emerging theories in their review and in their examination of recent theoretical and empirical developments, while Avolio, Walumbwa and Weber (2009) note 13 significant areas of new inquiry into leadership. These studies indicate that there has been a focus shift in leadership studies, which represents a diversification of thinking around how leadership occurs, and what leadership actually is. In particular, scholars have begun to focus on the moral nature of leaders, suggesting that leaders now need to be concerned with issues of ethics and morality (Lemoine, Hartnell & Leroy, 2019).

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