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Tourism Theories, Concepts and Models

DOI: 10.23912/9781911635352-4280

ISBN: 9781911635352

Published: December 2020

Component type: book



Tourism Theories, Concepts and Models:

Explains why we think about tourism the way we do;
Explores key theories, concepts and models that explain how tourism works;
Is a comprehensive and cohesive text that develops a series of key ideas that deepens understanding and encourages critical thinking.

This important text provides a critical overview of the core theories, concepts and ideas that have shaped the way we think about tourism. Divided into six parts, it takes the reader through the following areas to ensure thorough and coherent knowledge, looking at the important key theories, models and concepts, ensuring clear understanding and the ability for critical thinking:

Setting the stage: looking at the interdisciplinary nature of tourism and its’ structure (5 core aspects of generation region, industry, destination region, transit route and tourist)
How tourism works: explores the three core dimensions of tourism factors, attractions, access and government policy
The evolution of tourism: examines the main models that have depicted the evolution of tourism destinations, economies and geographies.
The tourist: motivations and influences of the tourist as an individual, covering typology, social demographic factors and constraints.
Planning models: destination planning, scenarios and forecasting, including responses to current challenges Current issues: examines the theoretical and conceptual foundations for a range of contemporary issues that will affect tourism well into the future, including climate change, overtourism, crisis management and political change.

Additional resources consist of web links, online videos and teaching reference materials. These can be found at www.goodfellowpublishers.com/TTCM from Academy fellows and other academic links explaining the ideas in the book.

A must-have text for post graduate tourism and hospitality studies, as well as a key resource text for those teaching and studying tourism subjects at the later stages of undergraduate level.


Cite as

McKercher & Prideaux, 2020

McKercher, B. & Prideaux, B. (2020) Tourism Theories, Concepts and Models. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers http://dx.doi.org/10.23912/9781911635352-4280


Chapter 1 Theory, Concepts and Models (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 2 What is Tourism (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 3 The Structure of Tourism (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 4 Attractions (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 5 Access and the Spatial Interactions of Tourists (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 6 International Tourism (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 7 The Political Economy of Tourism and Approaches to Forecasting (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 8 Lifecycle Models (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 9 Tourism as a Complex System (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 10 Why Do People Travel (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 11 Sociological and Anthropological Concepts in Tourism (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 12 Tourism and the Individual (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 13 Impacts Conflict over Place Change (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 14 Sustainability (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 15 Climate Change, Resilience and Transition to a Carbon Neutral Economy (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 16 Tourism Planning (McKercher & Prideaux)

Chapter 17 Epilogue (McKercher & Prideaux)


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