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Goodfellow Publishers is a highly flexible multichannel international academic and professional publisher for Business and related areas.

We publish book and online projects with a range of authors internationally in Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism, Events and more general management.

Testimonials - what our authors say about us....

"You did say you were going to challenge the existing publishers and you certainly succeeded so far for me...Quite astonishing and very much appreciated!"
Professor John Tribe, University of Surrey, UK and Editor of Annals of Tourism Research and author of Strategy For Tourism (Goodfellow Publishers)

"For my part it has been a real pleasure to have worked on this book and I am seriously impressed in the way it has been handled by yourselves. Right from the proposal stage, the speed with which things have been handled has been incredible. From the initial valuable advice on format and structure, the obtaining of sound reviews on the proposal from respected people, though to the desk editing and proofing process, it has been done so well and so easily. One thing of special note is that you have worked hard to ensure that both the authors and editors are valued and are treated as part of a team throughout."
John Cousins, co-author of Food and Beverage Management 3/e (Goodfellow Publishers), editing consultant for The Origins of Hospitality and Tourism (Goodfellow Publishers) and Director, The Food and Beverage Training Company, London

About us

Goodfellow Publishers is an independent international publisher of academic and professional books and online materials. The team has created an original model of responsive publishing combining the best of traditional practice with quick-to-market digital delivery. At the core of this is our commitment to sustainable publishing with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Across the fields of Tourism, Hospitality, Events, Marketing, Management and Sustainable Business, our international programme is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, faculty, researchers and professionals.

Authors will appreciate Goodfellow’s speed; students and practitioners will appreciate the freshness of information and availability of formats.

The listings in the subject areas of the site give full details of how to obtain books directly from us as downloads, hard copy titles or e-books, and of course the international retail channels which can also be used.

The Team

Tim Goodfellow is co-director of Goodfellow Publishers. He has a longstanding and successful publishing career in the academic and professional sectors having worked variously with Wheatsheaf, Blackwell Publishers and Butterworth Heinemann-Elsevier. He has published leading authors across the fields of Marketing, Management and Economics and has signed and successfully taken to market over 1000 titles. His previous publishing has covered all the major book types for the international academic and professional markets in business- from groundbreaking new knowledge titles through all forms of text book to large and small reference works (the latter also going into electronic formats). He also has extensive online publishing experience in international markets.

Mike Saren is co-director at Goodfellow Publishers and Professor of Marketing at the University of Leicester and prior to that Professor of Marketing at the University of Strathclyde. He has successfully published a range of books and papers and is a leading figure in the international academic Marketing field. He brings with him unrivalled subject knowledge in Marketing and business, a global network of academic contacts and a high profile in the international conference circuit.

Sally North is Editorial Director at Goodfellow Publishers. She has worked in the publishing industry since 1997 on a variety of lists, mainly in the business arena, including business management, marketing, finance, hospitality, leisure, tourism and sports. She has concentrated on the areas of hospitality, leisure and tourism, publishing a variety of bestselling titles from introductory and upper level textbooks, to monographs and high level reference works. Titles include The International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management edited by Abraham Pizam, Worldwide Destinations: the geography of Travel and Tourism by Chris Cooper and Brian Boniface, and Tourism Management: managing for change by Professor S Page.

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