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Conducting Research with Children and Adolescents

Design, Methods and Empirical Cases

Julie Tinson

ISBN: 978-1-906884-02-4
DOI: 10.23912/978-1-906884-02-4-72

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This book is designed as a definitive guide to the sensitive and significant area of researching with children. It is based on the key academic concepts in the field and summarises the seminal papers and salient ethics, access and engagement issues. It provides real and up to date examples of research projects that have been conducted with children" how they were planned and designed, how consent was achieved, how the data was collated and analysed and the "equipment" used to facilitate the process.

The book is clearly structured into three sections:
  • What should be done before researching with children
  • What should be done during the research
  • What should be done once the research is complete
It will be a vital resource for students in Marketing, Business, Education and the Social Sciences whose projects and dissertations require research with children and adolescents. Equally it will be essential for experienced researchers, project managers and research supervisors in providing authoritative guidance as to what they MUST do in relation to research planning and design.

About the author

Dr Julie Tinson is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Stirling. She routinely presents at top international academic and practitioner conferences in Europe and the US ( ACR, EACR, EMAC, ANZMAC and AMS) enabling dissemination of conceptual and complex ideas to different audiences. In addition she has conducted independent research projects for a wide variety of organisations including Barclays, NFU, Tpoll, Associa and Channel 4 Television. Julie has also worked at Southampton Business School and Bristol Business School and also teaches in the areas of Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communications.

Contents:Chapter 1 Researching with Children: an Introduction, Chapter 2 Ethical Practice with Children And Adolescents: An Overview And Practical Application, Chapter 3 Research Design for Researching with Children and Adolescents, Chapter 4 Keeping the Children and Adolescents Engaged, Chapter 5 Planning the Fieldwork for Research with Children and Adolescents, Chapter 6 In the Field: Preparing for What may Happen During Research, Chapter 7 Analysing and Interpreting the Data, Chapter 8 Presenting and Disseminating the Data, Chapter 9 Young People as Researchers, Appendix 1 Evaluation of the Youth Counselling Service, Airdrie Local Health Care Co-Operative, Appendix 2 Assessing the Cumulative Impact of Alcohol Marketing on Youth Drinking, Appendix 3 The Impact of Creating Dyslexia Friendly Classrooms on Children’s Learning

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Pub Date: May 2009
Hardback: £55, Euro 65, US$ 88
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© Julie Tinson 2009

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