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Responsible Hospitality

Theory and Practice

Rebecca Hawkins, Paulina Bohdanowicz

ISBN: 978-1-906884-42-0 hbk; 978-1-906884-19-2 pbk

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“The first book to address management solutions available to the hospitality industry to take responsibility for their impacts beyond short term thinking or outsourcing guilt. Here’s the blueprint for hospitality industry leaders for years to come” Dr Xavier Font, Director of Studies International Centre for Responsible Tourism at Leeds Metropolitan University

“This book is good and much needed!” Jan Peter Bergkvist, Owner and Senior Advisor at Sleepwell AB

“Rich and diverse, like the hospitality industry.” Thomas Jelley, Corporate Citizenship Manager, Sodexo

“This book is your complete handbook for Corporate Responsibility in the hospitality industry – packed with practical examples.” Inge Huijbrechts, Director of Responsible Business, Rezidor

The smartest companies in the world have effected a remarkable change in attitudes towards big business. These companies have effectively positioned themselves at the forefront of the responsible business movement – delivering not only profitability for their share holders, but also the promise of a potent combination of environmental protection and social justice in the locations in which they operate. The allure of this promise has attracted a powerful band of followers to the responsible business movement including policy makers, voluntary sector organisations and consumers.

Using the mainstream responsible business literature, this book defines the ten principles of responsible business and assesses the extent to which global hospitality businesses have addressed them. Using case studies from leading global players (including hospitality companies), the book demonstrates what can be achieved by business laying claim to responsible business programmes and what can go wrong.

Responsible Hospitality: theory and practice is the first book to:

  • Bring together theory from the emerging responsible business movement and interpret this in a hospitality context;
  • Define responsible business means in practice to the global hospitality sector;
  • Provide a critique of progress in implementing the concept to date, using case studies from a wide range of global businesses;
  • Assess the adequacy of the tools available to the sector to deliver on the responsible business agenda;
  • Define priorities for the future.

Written by two leading thinkers who have driven the sustainable tourism/responsible hospitality debate, this text will provide those working within the sector, students of hospitality and those providing advice to the sector with a comprehensive understanding of these issues and their relevance to a modern hospitality business.

Pub Date: November 2011

Available on inspection to bona fide lecturers - conditions apply.

About the authors

Dr Rebecca Hawkins is a Director of the Responsible Hospitality Partnership, Research and Consultancy Fellow at Oxford Brookes University, and a Visiting Professor to the International Centre for Responsible Tourism at Leeds Metropolitan University. She has focused throughout her career on the development of strategies and policies for sustainable tourism. She has contributed to the responsible business agenda in this sector for the last 20 years, initially developing much of the content of the World Tourism Organisation, WTTC and Earth Council interpretation of Agenda 21 for the Travel & Tourism Industry and subsequently working extensively to develop tools to help hospitality businesses operationalise responsible business programmes. She also offers training programmes for the sector on responsible business issues.

Dr Paulina Bohdanowicz holds the Associate Fellowship at the International Centre for Responsible Tourism at Leeds Metropolitan University. Her area of interest includes corporate social responsibility and environmental issues in the hotel, travel and tourism industry, with particular focus on utilities aspects (consumption patterns, efficiency and conservation possibilities, as well as applicability of alternative technologies). The influence of the behaviour of staff as well as guests on the consumption patterns in a hotel facility and possible methods of altering behaviour are part of her research area. She also performs investigations on how tourism can enhance the environmental awareness among the general public, as well as the tools that can be developed and used to that end.

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