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Sustainable and Collaborative Tourism in a Digital World

DOI: 10.23912/9781911635765-4477

ISBN: 9781911635765

Published: April 2021

Component type: book



Presents theories, methods and results for enhancing techniques for more sustainable marketing and explores how sharing practices in business raises new social challenges and the ethical questions that arise as a consequence.

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Decrop, Correia, Fyall & Kozak, 2021

Decrop, A., Correia, A., Fyall, A. & Kozak, M. (2021) Sustainable and Collaborative Tourism in a Digital World. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers http://dx.doi.org/10.23912/9781911635765-4477


Chapter 1 Collaboration and technology for more sustainable and responsible tourism marketing (Correia & Decrop)

Chapter 2 Absorptive capacity, co creation and tourism A mixed analysis method (Moraes, Rodrigues, Correia & Kozak)

Chapter 3 Social interaction in co creating the tourist experience An exploratory study of Chinese visitors to Japan (Han, Praet & Wang)

Chapter 4 Emotional interactions in festivals How do consumers build a collective emotional experience (Didry & Giannelloni)

Chapter 5 Collaborative economy in the tourism industry The new deal for consumers in the European Union (Canales Gutiérrez)

Chapter 6 An analysis of meal sharing reviews to explore serendipity (Petruzzi, Rodrigues, Moraes & Correia)

Chapter 7 Consumer perception of service quality The case of Airbnb and Couchsurfing (Dewitte, Mallargé & Decrop)

Chapter 8 Host–tourist interactions and residents’ attitudes towards sustainable tourism development (Irani, Öztüren & Akhshik)

Chapter 9 Challenges to sustainability in prospective world heritage sites (Kuzuoglu & Kladou)

Chapter 10 How digital strategy increases overtourism the case of Barcelona (Lajoinie, Arriaga & Dosquet)

Chapter 11 Residents’ perceptions of cruise tourism in an overcrowded city The case of Venice (Chiappa, Checchinato & Atzeni)

Chapter 12 Place attachment and residents’ perceptions of tourism development in small town destinations (Silva, Seabra, Abrantes, Reis & Pereira)

Chapter 13 Conclusion Preparing for the future of travel and tourism in vulnerable times (Decrop & Correia)


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